New York Family and Manhattan Media are excited to launch TheRightCamp.com, the ultimate digital destination and one-stop resource for families seeking the ideal summer camp for their children. Initially aimed at families living in the tri-state area, the site will expand beyond this region over time.

Based on the success of our popular Live Camp Fairs, we have created an online resource where families can now attend a year-round “virtual” camp fair. Here at TheRightCamp.com, families simply check off their camp preferences (from sleepaway to day camps, from location to special activities, from facilities to food) and generate a list of camps that meet their exact criteria. Then they will be able to see a full page of detailed info about their selected camps – info easily input by each camp and including photos, videos, activities, amenities, testimonials, Facebook page links, contact information and more. It’s an ideal – and simple – way for camps to showcase themselves to a wide audience.

We have created simple but thorough forms that allow camp administrators to generate detailed and attractive listings and pages. Not only will a listing include basic information about each camp, it will also include detailed information regarding services, activities and accommodations (as well as photos and videos). Users of TheRightCamp.com will be able to search for camps based on these criteria, meaning parents can narrow their results to camps that match their desires, whether it be vegan diets, religious services or horseback riding. So instead of getting lost in a long list, camps placed in front of parents will exactly match the combination of activities and services they are seeking. This makes TheRightCamp.com perfect for both traditional and specialty camps.

Families will be able to save their camp search on a “Favorites” page, and even save different searches for more than one child. If a camp has been saved to a user’s favorite page, camps will gain the e-mail address of that family and can contact them to follow up on their interest in the camp.

TheRightCamp.com is easy for families to use, and easy for camps to input and present their information. It has an appealing look and also includes useful guidance articles for parents to help them choose wisely.

TheRightCamp.com will be continually promoted and advertised to families in the tri-state area (and then expand). Every camp will want to be part of TheRightCamp.com, to target top-prospect families in an efficient, appealing and effective way. And every camp-searching family will want to use TheRightCamp.com as the best way to zero in on the best camps for their children.

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