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Kids Creative Summer Camp

New York, NY (Manhattan) Map

New York’s most unique summer camp brings your children through a creative adventure, using acting and music to build a collaborative community.

Let your imagination run wild and join rockin' kids, awesome teachers and jam out to music with The Dirty Sock Funtime Band. Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, we attract a diverse range of children from across the city. Parents are amazed by the energy, enthusiasm and confidence we generate in their children as we equip them with the skills to be creative and give them the tools to become peace builders.

The children put these skills to practice as they literally "run the show"--they write and perform a play, along with the accompanying music and videos and parents get to see the final performance. As if that wasn’t enough, we also take them swimming, give guitar, piano and voice lessons, plant gardens, go to Riverside and Central Park, take field trips and more.

All camp activities, from brainstorming a story to acting games to sports in the park, are linked by a common peace-building thread which includes mottos such as "all ideas are good" and anti-bullying rules, including ‘no teasing or fake teasing, no fighting or fake fighting.’ Campers share ideas, collaborate with others and perform a show that is completely from their imagination. Don't miss the opportunity for a truly unique summer. Experience camp at one of our Open House events.


Type of camp


Specialty Camp

Creation of Original Musicals Rock Band available Swimming Lessons Available Film Creation Arts and Crafts Sports and Games

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Average Camper

Co-ed, between 4 and 14 years of age

Dietary Details

Vegetarian food offered


Adam Jacobs, Camp Director
32 Broadway Suite 1801
New York, New York  10004
(646) 485-5123

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Creative Arts, Intercamp games, Outdoor, Performing Arts, Science/Nature, Sports, Swimming, Rock Band

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On-Site Medical



Electrified Cabins, In-cabin Bathrooms