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New Country Day Camp

Staten Island, NY (campers are from Brooklyn and Manhattan. Camp happens on Staten Island.) Map

Fun, healthy outdoor experiences are at the heart of New Country Day Camp, located in New York City. Swimming pools, hiking trails and open meadows provide the setting for our idyllic camp on the 75-acre Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds on Staten Island, just 45 minutes from bus pick-up points in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Campers swim, paddle boat, play sports, explore the arts, and discover the natural world around them. Our excellent camp staff will inspire your child’s creativity and skills as part of a vibrant camp community.

Campers entering kindergarten and 1st grade enjoy their days in the Newcomer Unit where they are provided with exposure to all camp activities in a smaller, more structured setting.

Campers in 2nd grade and up can design their own program every week. They choose from seven areas based on their interests:

* Team Sports
* Arts and Crafts
* Gymnastics
* Performing Arts
* Martial Arts
* Camping, Cooking and Pioneering
* Science & Technology


Type of camp


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Average Camper

Co-ed, between 5 and 13 years of age

Dietary Details

Kosher food offered, Peanut-free environment, Vegetarian food offered


Jessica Spiegel, Director
344 East 14th Street (between 1st and 2nd Avenues)
New York, New York  10003
212-780-0800 ext: 4355

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Creative Arts, Olympics, Outdoor, Performing Arts, Science/Nature, Sports, Swimming twice a day! Gymnastics. Martial Arts. Boating. Hiking. Sports. Nature and Pioneering. Science and Technology. Arts & Crafts. Performing Arts. Outdoor cookouts on open campfires.

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On-Site Medical