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Oxbridge Academic Programs

New York, NY (New York; Oxford & Cambridge, England; Barcelona, Spain; Paris and Montpellier, France) Map

Our programs are aimed at advanced junior high and high school students who have the desire and motivation to enrich themselves intellectually while immersing themselves in a foreign culture. Our programs in England, France, Spain and New York offer a variety of courses ranging from British History, Molecular Medicine, and International Law to Studio Art, Psychology, language courses, and many others. More information can be found on our website


Type of camp


Religious Affiliation


Average Camper

Co-ed, between 13 and 18 years of age and comes from New York; Oxford & Cambridge, England; Barcelona, Spain; Paris and Montpellier, France

Dietary Details

Kosher food offered, Vegetarian food offered

Special Needs Children

Please call to discuss your child's specific needs.

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Academic, Creative Arts, Intercamp games, Outdoor, Performing Arts, Sports, We offer a variety of activities in each program, including: Games Night; Punting; Film Nights; Museum Tours; College Tours; Frisbee & Volleyball; Rugby; Dance Nights; Basketball; Quiz Night; Plays, Opera, Volleyball; Ice Skating; Fruit Picking; Talent Sh

Activity Periods per Day




On-Site Medical



Electrified Cabins, In-cabin Showers, In-cabin Bathrooms